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Vojtech Kurka

Vojtech Kurka

Vojtech (“V”) is a data geek. There is no easy way to put it – he is just so geeky that it sometimes scare people. Vojtech is fluent in few languages, protocols and technologies, however the thing that he likes the most is to put everything together and create a solution for a challenging problem. The more challenging problem or more mysterious API the merrier.

Vojtech started as regular web developer with focus on backend. From there it was only a step away to data analysis and data engineering. He worked on a various projects from digital marketing reporting, behavior analysis, A/B tests, web traffic analysis, AI implementation for lead qualification to database heavy solutions. Vojtech is affected by Impostor Syndrome and is The Duct Tape Programmer.

Vojtech joined Keboola Asia in 2015 as the first tech guy in APAC. From then he designs solutions for clients, is a lector at DataGirls movement and surfs a bit.

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