Tackling the Tech Gender Gap with Data Girls in Sydney and Melbourne

Article repost! Last week we held another round of workshops in Australia, totaling at nearly 1000 attendees in past 14 months! Here is a perspective of some of the attendees from one of Australia’s leading digital marketing shops APD the article originally appeared on Medium where you can follow them as well! We are excited by so positive experience. 

Some of the APD team got stuck into new territory last week when they attended Data Girls, a series of data analytics workshops run by Datadriven.SG and Keboola Singapore. With sessions in Melbourne and Sydney, APD Australia was well represented by team members from the Affiliate, Content, SEO, Performance, Research and HR departments.

The Melbourne attendees smile for the camera after an information-packed day.

According to a recent report by Accenture and Girls Who Code, the ‘tech gender gap’ is getting worse, with only 25% of tech jobs filled by women. This isn’t just a problem for women’s career prospects, but the economy as a whole, as it means tech roles are going unfilled and opportunities for innovation and growth are being missed.

The founders of the Data Girls workshops challenged these discrepancies in the data and tech fields head on, hoping to spark interest in data to encourage more women to apply their skills to tech careers.

The event provided attendees with an open environment in which to learn about data and speak up with questions without feeling intimidated by those with more experience in the industry. Throughout the afternoon, along with a crash course in data and analytics, the APD team were introduced to females who have triumphed in male-dominated environments through hard work and self-confidence in their ability — something they hoped would inspire attendees to do the same.

The event was loaded with useful information for women who would like to develop an analytics mindset, including core skills and practical technical knowledge.

Using the analytics software tool Yellowfin and learning SQL (Structured Query language) commands, the team were shown how to use and apply these practical skills with the help of the Data Girls team, Keboola and Yellowfin experts and, in Sydney, a guest specialist from Facebook.

Some of the Sydney team hard at work on one of the practical assignments.

Here are a few key takeaways we absorbed from the event:

‘Personally, Data Girls taught me about new benefits to information sharing that I hadn’t previously considered. I also came away with fresh ideas on how I can communicate data in more interesting and useful ways. Here’s to the power of data!’ Steph Sambrook, Human Resources

‘It showed me that analyzing the data intelligently to make it useful for the business (by creating meaningful report dashboards) is the key. If we are collecting loads of data but lack the skills to collect & interpret it effectively to the business, then we are losing an opportunity.

Being in SEO, my work involves working with websites’ ranking and traffic data. Analysing website data is a major part of SEO, as most decisions and strategies are introduced considering the analyzed dataThis event brought really interesting tips and resources for how can I advance my knowledge about data analytics and help my company with these skills.’ Gargi Puri, SEO.

I discovered that I could manipulate and retrieve information from a database through commands and that I could amalgamate the information into various visual graphs to help explain data better. I’ve never known about the process of data handling before, so I’m glad I have some understanding now.” Chanelle Looi, SEO.

The event did a great job of highlighting that data plays an important role in every field. Whether it’s marketing, medical, IT or management, there will be data all around us, something that will not be changing any time soon. The way we see, analyse and interpret data is what matters, and there’s nothing to say that women, with the right tools, shouldn’t be the ones leading the way in the future.

Interested to get involved with Data Girls and stay up to date with their next events? Join the community at their Facebook page or in the She Loves Data Group.

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