2017 Singapore Data Science Hackathon Wrap Up

Now in its second year DataDriven.sg’s 2017 Singapore Hackathon is reaching new heights. With over 300 registrations, interest was intense and competitive. Based in Singapore and supported by Keboola, YellowfinMinerra and Billigence this year focused on data analysis, visualisation and actionable business solutions.

The data at the centre

Over an action-packed weekend at Facebook Singapore headquarters, this intrepid mix of data scientists, students and business conduits mined the datasets of our three data partners – Esplanade, providing simple, yet full of intricacies data set of the utilisation of their own car park. Local start-up Tabsquare shared exciting and very palatable data from their self-service POS system for restaurants which was rich in data and some exciting solutions came out of this.  Last but not least coming back after a great run last year with even more property data was Propertyguru. On top of this full access to Govtech data portal was there for participants to lay over the public data over these proprietary data sets. Great data partners with genuine challenges are the corner stone of this hackathon!

So, What’s New?

This year the Hackathon saw a big change in technology trends. Where last year there was a focus on marketing and business, this year there was a huge push towards automation, machine learning and anomaly detection. Teams also developed their presentation skills and became more solutions focused. Having the best algorithm is, of course, important, but being able to communicate the business value of the data trend is becoming a vital skill for computer and data scientists. One team even produced an advertorial for their minimal viable product. Teams are also looking towards sustainable business models taking both ROI and sustainability into account. As an example, using the tools at hand teams could successfully pinpoint staff shortages and oversupply, simultaneously reducing food waste and restaurant overhead. There is no doubt that Singapore is heading the game becoming a smarter nation day by day.

The Winners

But what insights did the teams generate? Here are the insights and business propositions from the three top teams.

Overall Winner – Datadriven.sg challenge

Team 8 took first prize with their thorough data analysis and insight, stellar presentation skills and professionalism. One of the members was a DataGirl workshop participant – another DataGirl making leaps and bounds within the data science field! Congratulations to Joanna Teo, Alexander Eng, Dorothy Quan, Swetha Vishnampet and Donna Yap for taking the top prize.


Honourable mention goes to Team 14 (Team Swaiter) with their fantastic recommendation application extrapolated from restaurant and client data.

Best in Data Visualisation – Yellowfin BI challenge

Data Visualisation winner Team 6 (dreamVIVE), tackled Singapore’s ageing population and push to become a smart nation, creating a single integrated platform that allows users to make easy, well-informed decisions when purchasing a new home. The judges loved the potential for scalability and the simple interface, making control and manipulation seamless.


The runner-up – the AWS award

Potential Award Winner Team 13 also used Tabsquare data to generate their insights. The judges appreciated the unique data analysis, looking at individual menu items and cuisines and the thorough use of the data set given in such as short span of time.

If the evening could get any better, our partner Tabsquare and Esplanade invited teams 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 11 and 14 to their headquarters to present their ideas and bring them to life! We wish all these teams the best of luck.

Once again DataDriven.sg would like to thank our sponsors Keboola, YellowfinMinerra and Billigence for their continued support bringing this event to fruition. We would also like to extend our thanks to our partners Tabsquare, Esplanade, Amazon Web Services, PropertyGuru.com and Google for providing the real-time datasets. Finally, a huge thank you to Facebook Singapore for providing us with an amazing space here in Singapore and bringing the event to life! Without a doubt, we’re all looking forward to the next one!



Product Gallery


Team 6 dreamVIVE 1.0 used Property Guru data to develop smart application that can help buyers make better-informed decisions. View the full dashboard here.



Team 1 designed a solution to help restaurants with profitability using dynamic menus, forecasting revenue and did really great job not just on technical side but also communicating the project’s proposition to the business as well. 



Team 11 looking at Tabsquare data to help restaurants to optimise their cost by improving staff allocation. See the dashboard live here.



Esplanade car park data was super popular set and team 5 did a great job revealing opportunities in pricing set up and other trends. 


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