Data Science, Analytics, Business Intelligence and technology in general are clearly male dominated fields, yet in the same time, most organisations are struggling for talent. Data Girls movement was born out of belief, that women have many talents and virtues and lots of value to bring to the table when it comes to technology and analysis. The missing piece was a platform where they could get their basic bearing and learn foundations of data analytics and Business Intelligence. Data Girls concept was created in the Czech Republic by Czechitas and Keboola and has now trained 2000+ girls.

Data Girls in Asia

With the opening of its first Asia office in Singapore in 2015, the team behind Keboola under the umbrella of community immediately started looking at options to bring this great idea to Asia. In 2016 we hosted the first couple of workshops in Singapore and helped over 150 girls to get the feel for what careers in data analytics could be like and how deeper data knowledge can help in their respective jobs. Plans for 2017 are clear; we run the workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and Hong Kong and Jakarta, Indonesia in planning,  with the goal to train more than 700 DataGirls by the end of 2017. That’s not something we could without our partners.

Course Objective

The main idea is to demystify the world of data and decode the latest buzzwords to ordinary humans. This course will not make you an analyst or BI developer, but it is structured to help you understand the foundation. The goal is to help you understand that this space is not as complicated as it looks and everything is matter of structured learning. This course aspires to light a spark of curiosity that could end up leading to a career with endless opportunities, where only the sky’s the limit. Literally.

Course Content  

This course is designed for “data beginners” as an introduction into logical thinking behind the data analytics and business intelligence. It aims to provide a good overview of data analytics infrastructure and best practices through a hands on case study. Participants will get to build their own analytics solution on real data with real business problems. All this with a guidance and support by experienced data analysts and data architects professionals.


There are no formal prerequisites to taking this course, Data Girls is open to all women and girls. No knowledge of analytics or programming skills are required. You will only need to bring your own laptop computer (don’t forget charger, it’s going to be a long day). We, together with our tech partners, will provide the necessary technology.


8.45 Door Opens
9.00 Welcome, team and day plan introduction
9.10 Intro to Data. What does it mean to be a data analyst?
9.30 What is data? Demystifying terms like cloud, types of storages, API and more
10.30 SQL crash course & hands on session – first steps as data analyst. All you need to know to get the data from database in the form you like.
11.30 Programming languages, data integration, ETL – putting it all together and how does it really look like in a real world?
12.30 LUNCH BREAK + Mentor sharing
13.30 Intro to Best practices for Data Visualization and Data Interpretation & Business case questions recapitulation – YellowFin
14.30 Data insights and visualizations interpreted + hypothesis – Hands on session – YellowFin
15.45 Showcase of the visualizations and business insights
16.30 Career section – presentation and Q&A with recruitment consultant and counsel.
17.30 What's next? The types of skills a good data scientist or analytics consultant needs. Q&A, closing remarks – all + Coding Girls

If you have any questions email us at If you would like to partner with us and help us run Data Girls do the same!