She Loves Data Viz: December / Advanced / Melbourne

Getting Acquainted With New Data Sets Using Yellowfin
2 hours 5 – 7 pm
Course Overview
During the two hour workshop, you’ll build on what they have learned from Data Girls. Start to build more complex visualizations and then add them to dashboards! Finally, the team will also take a look at connecting to data sources and the data preparation layer so they get a complete vision of the process.
Target Audience
This course is intended for people who have attended a DataGirls workshop and want to learn more about working with data and how to use an analytics platform commonly used by organizations – Yellowfin.
Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:
  • Identify the dimensions, measures and other miscellaneous variables in a dataset.
  • Explain the main steps to follow to explore and become familiar with a new dataset using data visualization techniques.
  • Determine the methods used to understand the values in the measure and dimension variables in a dataset.
  • Discover the methods used to identify the relationship between measures and dimensions in a data set.
  • Explain which data visualization methods are most useful to understand variables and the relationships between them.
  • Use the tabular reporting and charting functionality of Yellowfin to explore a data set.