Datadriven Hackathon in Sydney

February 25–26, 2017

Venue: Fishburners, 608 Harris St, Ultimo, Sydney, Australia

What is #DATADRIVENSG Hackathon?_

About Hackathon

Real business data and problems & Latest Technology & Engaged Community. We want to enable you to try to tackle problems and use tools you may not get a chance to work with in your everyday work life. This hackathon is organised by community we feel to be part of without large corporate sponsorships, hence there are no cheques to cash in the end, but you can earn all the Twitter fame and enjoy one great weekend with us!

Who is this event for?

We are looking to bring together the analysts, data scientists, business analysts, visualisation specialists as well as business users from every function and as in business, we believe that diversity creates more value. Really important part of this is education and talent cultivation so in this event 20% of registrations is allocated students who can in this way receive mentorship from the best and most passionate professionals in the field. See what results our hackers achieved in Singapore.


25–26 FEBRUARY, the hackathon is going to be a full weekend affair.
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Fishburners, 608 Harris St, Ultimo, Sydney, Australia

Got Qs?

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Program_ Saturday

When: Saturday 25th

Venue: Fishburners, 608 Harris St, Ultimo, Sydney, Australia

09.00 Welcome and introduction of the team and supporting partners
09.30 Technical and org housekeeping, team organisation
09.45 Available technology introductions
10.00 AM Technology workshops (30’ minutes each, 4 slots)
12.00 Data manifesto, access/credentials, jury introduction, criteria and rules
13.00 Hackathon kicks off! Sunday

When: Sunday 26th

Venue: Fishburners, 608 Harris St, Ultimo, Sydney, Australia

9.00 Hackathon all day
17.00 All work is wrapped up, presentations finished
18.00 Presentations start (5 minutes each team x 25 teams)
20.00 Jury breaks and announces winners
20.30 Hackathon is over!

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Data manifesto Faq Judges guideline

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