Hackathon in Melbourne

New Date To Be Announced

Venue: REA Group HQ - 511 Church St, Richmond VIC 3121

What's this hackathon about?

We bring together the analysts, data scientists, business analysts, visualisation specialists as well as business users from every function and as in business, we believe that diversity creates more value. Really important part of this is education and talent cultivation so in this event 20% of registrations is allocated students who can in this way receive mentorship from the best and most passionate professionals in the field. See what results our hackers achieved in 2016!

The event is fully catered, we will make sure you are fed, hydrated and caffeinated to endure!

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New Date To Be Announced, the hackathon is going to be a full weekend affair so plan ahead and mark your calendar!


We take refuge at the wonderful REA Group HQ – 511 Church St, Richmond VIC 3121

Got Qs?

We go A’s. Check Q&A or simply ask us at hello@datadriven.sg

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1.day Saturday

When: New Date To Be Announced

Venue: REA HQ

9.00 Welcome and introduction of the team and supporting partners
9.20 Technical and org housekeeping, team organisation
9.45 Team formation
10.00 Data set introduction
10.20 Show time!

2.day Sunday

When: New Date To Be Announced

Venue: REA HQ

9.00 Door open - all day hacking
17.00 All work is wrapped up
17.30 Project pitches
19.30 Judges break
20.00 Announcing winners

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Vojtech Kurka

Solution Architect
Data Nerd and coffee lover. Say hi and all me V!

Passion = solving customer's data integration challenges and making sure that data are used to the max.

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Main hackathon award – Best use of data analytics

To be announced

Following are criteria our judging panel will follow.

Accuracy Is the project based on precise data and well executed? The devil lies in the details.
Innovative approach and creativity Did the team surprise with their methods, the approach to solve a problem or findings? Are they exceptionally creative?
Usefulness Is the project useful in real life? Can you see the potential right away?
Understandability Is the project easily understandable? Is a person from the field able to understand the insights? How well-defined are the insights?
Reproducibility As with science experiments, reproducibility is a vital component for the results to be trusted. Is the process of analysis clear enough so that it can be trusted?

This list of qualities all the projects should have is probably not complete. Please try to look at each project with as much objectivity as possible, while judging it from a professional point of view. I know that an interactive application is hard to compare to a simple dashboard, but I believe you know that there is more to it.

Keboola Singapore - Best use of data integration

To be announced

Keboola has a strong belief and experience on the client side that data, unlike revenge, is best served hot and combined. This prize will go to the team that will make the best use of complementary data sets to discover new angle on insights, new business case or potentially entire new revenue stream.

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